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Boss Explorer, Fish Hawk, Sea Skiff

Boss Explorer Fish Hawk Sea Skiff
The BOSS model EXPLORER, new for 2014 is a continuation of the series built to perform. One of the most durable boats on the market. Feel safe in any open water conditions, from recreational fishing models to commercial and charter use. These models feature an up swept bow shear line, and 34 degree bow entry for a smooth ride in rough water. With the most standard features packed into every boat. The BOSS EXPLORER comes complete and ready to run from the factory. Get yours on order today! The Fish Hawk is a continuation of the Skiff model and one of our most diverse boats. This model is brand new for 2014 and allows you to choose between 3 dead rise options, to fit your motor choice. As our most versatile line of boats yet, and in very high demand because of its smooth, stable, dry ride, the Fish Hawk is the one the competition wishes they had. With the most standard features packed into every boat.Ideal for fishing,towing tubes or just crusing the lake.Get yours on order today! From rivers, lakes, and oceans this is where the FUN begins. The Skiff Series is one of our most diverse boats, with 30" to 36" sides to choose from plus an upswept bow, shear line and a 34 degree bow entry for a smoother ride in rough water. As our most versatile boat models the Skiff Series is in high demand because we offer so many options. The Skiff has 3 bottom choices, 16 degree deep-V for ocean & lakes a 12 degree -V for rivers and lakes plus a 5 degree-V for shallow water applications.

Boulton Powerboats can offer all engine packages ranging from stern drives, outboards, and inboard jets.

We can customize your aluminum boat for the application you are using if for.

Let Boulton Powerboats help you design your next boat of a lifetime.

Some of the boats we have built over the years. Use the arrows on the right and left below to browse thru our custom built aluminium boats

  • Orange Crush
  • Fish Hawk on Step
  • Boss Explorer
  • Hard Top
  • Big Kodiak
  • Walk Thru Cabin
  • Pro Series Skiff
  • Fish Hawk
  • Kodiak
  • Orange Crush
  • Seamaster Custom
  • Sport Jet
  • Camping in Alaska
  • Sea Skiff

What the Customers are saying

I just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with our new boat. 

As soon as I pulled into Winchester Bay, she was in the water and we were off on our maiden voyage. 

She rides like a dream and definitely gets LOTS of looks. 

As a former North River owner, I am so pleased that I went with Boulton Powerboats. 

Not only was it a pleasure working with you, but the boats you build set a standard of excellence for all others to follow. 

Thanks again for everything. -- Barry Silva -- Another Happy Boulton Powerboats Customer.

Boulton Powerboats

Boss Explorer Fish Hawk Skiff