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Boss Explorer, Fish Hawk, Sea Skiff

Boulton Powerboats can offer all engine packages ranging from stern drives, outboards, and inboard jets.

We can customize your aluminum boat for the application you are using if for.

Let Boulton Powerboats help you design your next boat of a lifetime.

Hull Design: All of our Boulton Powerboats hulls are lightweight planing craft that accommodate marine engines of all kinds including outboard inboard stern drive.

We use a constant dead rise hull configuration that allows for faster on-step and smother ride. Below you can see some examples of why we use this design feature.


Ours- Constant dead rise with parallel chine construction is the preferred method. Theirs - the variable dead rise idea is actually the worst possible design for this class of boats.

The examples above show what to look for when purchasing your new boat. Do not be fooled.

The boat you want for the smoothest ride and best performance will have a constant dead rise and a degree of vee appropriate for your uses and motor size.


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Boss Explorer Fish Hawk Skiff