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"The Boulton Powerboat story"

Quality unequaled through experience and design evolution! With over 4 decades of experience, Mike Boulton and his team of skilled craftsman have firmly secured themselves as the preferred manufacturer in the aluminum boat industry.
Mike was a young man in 1974 when his father, Dave Boulton helped lay the ground floor for Alumaweld boats. The uniqueness of his family owned business was the foundation of its success. Custom aluminum boats built on a small scale with a very personal touch. From 1977 until 1987 Mike had the incredible opportunity of training one on one with the notable Marine Architect and Engineer, Morse Torrgason. During this apprenticeship he not only learned the full extent of lofting boats from engineered drawings into full scale templates, but he also excelled in his ability to produce extraordinary and innovative designs.

When the family sold the business this ability and knowledge allowed Mike to join with a partner and establish his own boat building business, Jetcraft boats. Mike designed all new boat models and over a 10-year period this business grew to be very large and successful. Becoming large had its impact on quality, diversity in product, and the personal feel to the product that Mike truly wanted in the boats that he produced. All his working life he has based his professionalism on the principles of artistry, craftsmanship and customer service.

He then went on to design his own brand of boats and started his present company Boulton Powerboats.

The Boulton Powerboats team is dedicated to producing the best custom aluminum boats on the market today. They achieve this by combining the time-honored traditions of quality and craftsmanship with a product diversity far greater than most other manufactures in the industry. In considering a Boulton Powerboat for your next boat we invite you to compare, to talk to our customers, and visit our shop to see boats in progress! You'll see what we've done, what we're doing and what we can do for you! 160 years of combined experience will surely be able to help you create your boat of a lifetime.

Call us Toll Free 888-373-7330 or continue to explore WWW.BOULTONPOWERBOATS.COM.

Why buy a Boulton Powerboat?

Download the "Our Story" PDF here with images of the hull design..

Our Hull Design:

1. One of the very few manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest that can engineer blueprints, and lofts their boat designs into templates.
2. Product advantage is that the owner of the business is a hands-on part of the production training and quality control.
3. Independent bottom stringer hull construction, added benefits of this construction design are:
*Provides more hull strength and quieter ride.
*Better accessibility, easier for repair - if ever needed!
*Drier bow entry design allows the boat to run with less wetted bottom surface, which benefits: top speed, fuel economy, turning and handling in choppy conditions.
*Engineered hull means consistency in construction - every boat will be the same.
*Boulton Powerboats hull designs incorporate curved gunnnel lines in the appearance of their boats. More characteristic of fiberglass boats.
*Hull durability! Independent runner construction has less connecting welds that can fatigue and simply makes a better built boat.
*Extrusion alloys are harder, 6062 and 6063. For our bottom stiffeners, versus box frame construction, which must be formed from 5000 series alloys.
*More bottom bow stiffeners to prevent fatigue in bottom plate. (Less chance of cracking!)
4. Our ability to customize and provide attention to detail. This is a product of 160 years of combined experience and 4 decades of boat building innovation.