The Boulton Advantage

Quality unequaled through experience, evolution, and design.  The origin of Boulton Powerboats starts with its founder Mike Boulton.  With decades of experience and training in the aluminum boat industry, Boulton Powerboats was born.  Mike’s tenure and training in the industry are what helped him design and build the boats that are still being built today. 

Boulton Powerboats is a relatively small shop with a big influence in the industry.  It is the personal touch that makes us stand out.  Our enthusiasm and eagerness to build custom boats are what sets us apart in an industry where typically, what you see is what you get.  At Boulton Powerboats we look forward to the challenge of designing and building boats specific to our customer’s needs. 

Looking into the future Boulton Powerboats will continue the tradition of building the best aluminum boat on the market with continued innovation, craftsmanship and product diversity. 

Boulton Powerboats embraces its leadership role and long-standing history in the aluminum boat industry.  So, when considering a new Boulton Powerboat just know that they are the best.  We invite you to talk to our customers and visit our facility in Oregon to see our jobs in progress.  You will see what we have done, what we are doing and what we can do for you! 

Our Boat Models