Boating and Fishing Regulations & Resources

Boating Safety Information

  • Wear life jackets at all times on the water.
  • Understand and obey boating safety rules and navigation laws.
  • Take a boating safety course; include link to local courses.
  • Check the weather forecast before going out on the water.

For more boating safety information, visit this boating safety page of the United States National Safety Council.

Boating Emergency Procedures

It’s very important that you plan for boating emergencies.  Having procedures to follow can save your boat, it’s occupants, lots of time and money.  Before you hit the water, make sure you understand what to do in the various types of emergencies.

For more boating safety information, visit the emergency procedures page at

Boat Title & Registration

Boat title & registration are often handled by your boat dealer, or by the manufacturer if you are working with them directly.

For more boat registration and title information, visit the boat registraton page of, and your State Marine Board.

Obtaining A Boating License

You will need a short educational class and boating license to legally navigate your boat in lakes, rivers and oceans. Check into boating licenses before you hit the water, to keep stress to a minimum.

Boat U.S. Foundation offers free online Boater Safety Course designed specifically for your state, visit the boat registraton page of, and your State Marine Board.

Obtain A Fishing License

Fishing Licenses are obtained through the Fish & Game Department of the state you want it fish in or off the coast of.

All regulations and licensing information can be found by state, through a visit to the fishing license page of